Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Pump

          VPS Hydraulic Pumps have been used exclusively for power take off trucks since its first production and widely recognized by users for its excellent performance for many years. The pumps come with the various flange types to work with a full range of power take off units 

Piston Pump

A product series offering excellent durability and providing reliable high-speed operation.

Gear Pump(ISO)

A high performance and effective gear pump with the ISO mounting type. Bi-directional option is available

Gear Pump(UNI)

A high performance gear pump with the UNI mounting type

Gear Pump

Cast iron and aluminium components making the pump suitable for heavy duty application

Gear Pump

GP3.0D40A0 Model offers high superior performance and low noise when it is in operation

Basic User Manual

The place where the raccord is outlet port determines the direction of rotation.

Suppose that the inlet port is open and takes the air, when the pump is run by the mineral oil at 0.8 bar the technical data decrease due to the open inlet port, including 3% lacking of flow.

Please be sure to check the direction of the pump before installation.

Suction hose diameter should be same or bigger than diameter of the pump suction port.