P.T.O. Installation procedure

  •  Drain the transmission oil.
    (Do not remove the drain plug while the oil is hot, or you will scald yourself.)
  •  Remove the P.T.O. cover which is at the left of the transmission.
    ( Do not reuse the bolts and gasket that you remove at this time.)
  •  Clean the P.T.O. mounting surface on the transmission side.
  •  Prepare the necessary parts, referring to table of necessary parts.
    • Apply liquid packing to all fitting surfaces, such as the P.T.O. mounting surface of the
    transmission case, installation gasket and P.T.O. body.
  •  Fit the P.T.O. on the P.T.O. mounting and secure the mounting position by means of the
    reamer bolts (See the part described with marked “R” in the section “P.T.O. mounting
    location on transmission case”) and tighten the other fitting bolts.Tightening torque for
    bolts : 49±4.9 N·m {500±50 kgf·cm}
  • After attaching the P.T.O., turn the output shaft coupling a few revolutions to be sure
    that it turns freely.
  • When you refill the transmission oil, increase the amount by 0.3 liters to allow for the
  • How to check the gear backlash
    The gear backlash of the P.T.O. is important factor to prolong the P.T.O. gear life. The
    bigger backlash causes the noise from gears on the contrary the smaller backlash
    causes the damage of gears. When installing the P.T.O. measure and check the backlash
    according to the following procedures.