PTO Air Kits

PTO Air Kits are essential components for the efficient operation of power take-off systems in trucks. These kits include high-quality air valves, fittings, and tubing designed to ensure reliable and precise control of PTO engagement and disengagement.


How It Works: The PTO Air Control Kit works by using either compressed air or vacuum pressure to activate the PTO system. When air pressure is applied, it moves an actuator or piston within the PTO, causing it to engage and transfer power from the truck’s engine to the auxiliary equipment. Conversely, when the air pressure is released or a vacuum is applied, the PTO disengages, stopping the power transfer. This precise control mechanism allows for smooth and efficient operation of the PTO system, ensuring that the auxiliary equipment can be operated as needed without any disruptions.

With our PTO Air Control Kits, you can trust that your power take-off system will operate reliably and efficiently, meeting the demands of your heavy-duty applications.

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