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Enhance Your Trucking Experience with V.P.S. Equipment Co., Ltd!

Our Trucking Solutions Include:

PTO Systems: Maximize the power and versatility of your trucks with our high-performance PTO systems. Specially engineered for seamless integration with a wide range of truck models, our PTOs guarantee consistent power transfer to auxiliary equipment like hydraulic pumps, winches, and generators.

Hydraulic Pumps: Experience superior hydraulic capabilities with our range of hydraulic pumps. From powering hydraulic lift gates to operating dump bodies and other hydraulic systems, our pumps deliver reliable performance and precise control to enhance your truck’s functionality.

Drive Shafts: Trust in the durability and efficiency of our drive shafts, essential components for transmitting torque from the engine to the wheels and auxiliary systems. Our drive shafts are engineered to withstand heavy loads and provide smooth power delivery for optimal truck performance.

PTO Accessories: Take your trucking capabilities to the next level with our PTO accessories. From couplings and flanges to hydraulic reservoirs and control systems, our accessories enhance the versatility and functionality of your PTO system, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency on the road.

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VPS provides many facilitations for Consumers to order our products.

For communication with our clients, we utilize [email protected], which also enables us to keep in touch with them effectively.

For cell phone, we have +66 816274248 (Mr. Veelapol Suchaiporn) and +66 865998989 (Mr. Thitikun Suchaiporn). For telephone, we have +66 22941225 or 6 (VPS Equipment).

Visit us:
Clients are welcome to visit our physical location at 1334/354-356 Rama 3 road Soi 56, district Chongnonsi, province Yannawa, city Bangkok, country Thailand. This allows clients to view and inspect our products firsthand, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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  • In Bangkok and Permenter: Our products are delivered directly by our company’s experienced deliverers, ensuring swift and reliable service. We prioritize efficient logistics to meet your needs promptly and professionally.

  • For other cities in Thailand: We collaborate with trusted transporting companies renowned for their punctuality and adherence to delivery schedules. This partnership allows us to extend our reach across Thailand, ensuring that our products reach you on time and in excellent condition.

  • Overseas: We provide our international clients with two flexible shipping options tailored to their preferences: shipping by sea or air. For sea shipments, we work closely with reputable shipping agencies experienced in handling cargo safely and efficiently. When it comes to air shipments, we collaborate with global logistics leaders to ensure expedited delivery with reliable tracking and security measures in place. Our commitment to a seamless shipping experience extends to both sea and air deliveries, providing exceptional service to our valued overseas customers.

Thank you for considering our products. To ensure compatibility and accuracy in selecting the right power take-off (PTO) for your truck, it’s important to provide the correct transmission code. Here are steps to help you locate and identify your transmission code:

  1. Referencing Your Truck’s Manual:

    • Check the owner’s manual or maintenance guide that came with your truck. The transmission code is often listed in the specifications or technical information section.
  2. Consulting the Vehicle Manufacturer’s Website:

    • Visit the official website of your vehicle’s manufacturer.
    • Look for a section related to specifications, parts, or support.
    • Use the search function on the website and enter your truck’s make, model, and year. Look for transmission-related information, including the transmission code.
  3. Contacting a Dealership or Service Center:

    • If your truck is relatively new, contacting an authorized dealership or service center for your truck brand is a good option.
    • Provide them with your truck’s details (make, model, year) and request assistance in identifying the transmission code. They may ask for the vehicle identification number (VIN) for accuracy.
  4. Inspecting the Transmission Itself:

    • In some cases, the transmission code may be stamped or engraved on the transmission housing.
    • If you’re comfortable with vehicle maintenance, you can inspect the transmission directly for identification marks.
  5. Exploring Online Resources:

    • Use online databases, forums, or communities dedicated to trucks and vehicles. These resources may have discussions or guides on how to find transmission codes for specific models.
    • Search using your truck’s make, model, and year along with keywords like “transmission code location” or “identify transmission code.”
  6. Photo Identification Option:

    • If you are unable to locate the transmission code using the above methods, you can take a clear photo of your transmission.
    • Email the photo to [email protected] or upload it through our website’s customer support portal. Our team will assist in identifying the transmission code based on the photo.

Once you have successfully located the transmission code, please share it with us to ensure we recommend the correct PTO model for your truck.

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